DII IceJacks hosting Arizona Redhawks for charity game

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The Northern Arizona University (NAU) DII IceJacks will open up their season with an exhibition game against the Arizona Redhawks of the Western States Hockey League.


Senior goalie James Korte blocks a goal last second in a practice drill. (Photo by Zach Youngberg)

This isn’t your typical warm-up exhibition to start the season though; the money from admission will be going to a great cause.

This summer, 19 firefighters from the Granite Mountain Hotshot Crew lost their lives fighting a fire in Arizona. They left behind families and unexpected expenses. According to NBC news, the families are not receiving the benefits they believe they are entitled to. In a time of loss it is hard to care about a hockey game, but it will ease the financial troubles these families are facing until the families and the city of Prescott can work out a solution.

The Redhawks are a junior team from Peoria and they agreed to travel up to the Jay Lively Activity Center for the exhibition. It is nice to see local teams giving back to the service men and women who keep our communities safe.

If you like watching hockey and want to give to the firefighters, this is a great opportunity to do both. The game will start at 8:30 on Fri. Sept. 20th.



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