Catholic Church criticizes ‘Avatar’

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I wish the Catholic Church would just shut up. It seems as if every week, the pope or some other supposedly important Catholic figure is grabbing international headlines as he or she dishes out criticism. Church officials have something to say about everything, even if that something has nothing to do with religion. Frankly, I’m fed up with their whining. Is there anything that doesn’t offend the Catholic Church?

The church’s most recent target is James Cameron’s movie, Avatar. Many Vatican officials have criticized the film for, as the New York Times puts it, “flirting with the idea that worship of nature can replace religion.” When I hear criticism like this, I just want to punch the pope in the face.

I think most Avatar-goers would agree with me when I say I didn’t have an overwhelming desire to confess my sins at the base of a mighty oak tree after walking out of the theater. Nature worship isn’t the message you take away from the movie. But even if that was the message, who are the church officials to tell people what or who they can worship?

Catholicism is not the only form of worship, and the Catholics need to get over themselves and recognize that. The pope doesn’t reign supreme over humans, free to critique and question as he pleases until the world meets his standards. Contrary to what he might believe, his religion isn’t the center of the universe.

This behavior makes it clear how out-of-touch with the world the Catholic Church is becoming.

The pope is so starved for attention that he has weaseled his way into pop culture and is determined to find subliminal messages in every expression of thought. He should really stick to talking about Catholicism. Commenting on something that does not pertain to his realm of authority whatsoever doesn’t make him more powerful or make more people want to obey his every command. It just shows the world what an egocentric idiot he is.

Furthermore, the church has absolutely no room to go around criticizing the rest of society when it has multiple scandals of its own with which to concern itself. Do allegations involving Catholic priests molesting little kids ring any bells? I think rape trumps nature worship.

The Catholic Church is struggling, and I am loving every minute of it. It serves them right for sticking their noses where they don’t belong and for upsetting people who did absolutely nothing to them. If James Cameron had flat-out said his movie was a direct attack on Catholicism, then it would be appropriate for the pope to comment. But all he did was make a movie for the sake of entertainment. No wonder Catholics have such a bad reputation.