NAU Police Beat: March 4 — March 10

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March 10

At 12:17 a.m., staff at The Suites called the Northern Arizona University Police Department (NAUPD) to request assistance in breaking up a large party that consisted of a number of underage subjects consuming alcohol.

Responding NAUPD officers dispersed the party and cited seven subjects for underage consumption.

At 2:58 p.m., a call was received reporting several subjects were observed smoking in a trash compactor adjacent to the Facilities building.

Officers contacted the subjects, advised them that they were trespassing and told them to leave the area.  The subjects complied.

March 9

At 6:27 p.m., NAUPD received a call reporting subjects hurtling snowballs off the top level of the San Francisco Parking Garage.

Responding officers were unable to make contact with the subjects, as the subjects had left the area prior to the arrival of officers.

March 8

At 12:54 a.m., a call was received from McConnell Hall staff.  The staff reported one of their residents was concerned for her friend who had made suicidal threats.

Officers responded to the scene and after questioning the subject put her in touch with an on-call counselor.

Between 9:05 a.m., and 7:10 p.m., NAUPD received and responded to 23 calls for motorist assistance and non-injury accidents.  All but one of these calls was related to the heavy snowfall received that day.  Many were for vehicles stuck in the snow.

At 10:13 p.m., and again at 10:33 p.m., NAUPD were called to Allen Hall to investigate snowballs being hurled at one of the room’s windows.  The resident of the room in question told officers the snowballs thrown at her window in retaliation for her earlier reporting individuals smoking too near the building entrance.

The officers were unable to make contact with the suspects in question.  That being the case, NAUPD enlisted University Safety Aides (USA) to conduct a stakeout of the area with no avail. A report was filed and given to the complainant for her information.

At 10:08 p.m., NAUPD was called in by the Flagstaff Police Department (FPD) to assist in a civil matter at Drury Inn.  The dispute in question involved two individuals and their pets.

The matter was resolved informally when both of the disputants agreed to pay each other for damages.

March 7

At 2:33 p.m., a female student entered NAUPD to report a series of verbal assaults that she had received at various locations around campus.

NAUPD cleared the case by referring it to the administration for handling.

March 6

At 8:47 a.m., a call was received by NAUPD reporting a suspicious individual “interacting with students” in the vicinity of McConnell Drive and Knoles Drive.

Responding officers contacted the subject and after a field interview asked him to leave the area, which he did.

At 3:53 p.m., an anonymous tip was received by NAUPD regarding two male students who were known to frequently carry firearms.

Efforts to locate the subjects were unsuccessful at that time but will continue.

March 5

At 10:41 p.m., a call was received reporting someone sleeping outside of Cline Library.

Officers initiated contact with the subject.  After he was field interviewed, the subject was warned of trespassing and asked to leave the area.  He complied.

March 4

At 1:29 p.m., an officer on patrol observed two subjects in a heated argument outside the University Union.

The officer resolved the matter after questioning by providing the subjects with an informational record of the incident.



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