NAU freshmen guide: tips for living vegan or vegetarian on campus

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Increasing amounts of students at NAU prefer to eat a meal that does not contain animal products, and if you experience the perpetual feeling of being doubled over in pain, otherwise known as Celiac disease, don’t despair. Many students share in this same dilemma; it’s hard to find time to balance healthy eating and never-ending piles of homework and exams. The dining options on NAU’s campus provide alternatives for those with dietary restrictions.

Because of these resources, a student’s diet doesn’t have to consist of just apples stolen from the Hot Spot the previous day. The availability of unique food options helps prevent those with dietary restrictions from being questioned about what they eat and how they manage.

Garden Toss, located in the University Union Point, is a mecca for any student with a special diet — it’s easy to build your own salad absolutely cruelty-free and gluten-free without any problem.

Cobrizo, a Mexican-style restaurant similar to Chipotle, has the most available as far as vegan options. Any vegetarian taco, burrito or salad can be made vegan by asking them to hold the cheese, sour cream and getting black beans instead of pinto beans. Feel free to add guacamole, too. The naked burrito bowl is perfect for a wheat-free diet.

Star Ginger, located in the University Union Point, has vegan-friendly tofu & veggies banh mi, or the vegetarian pho noodle bowl.

The transfer special at Pizza Hut can be made vegetarian by getting the cheese pizza.

Unfortunately, the bagels at Einstein’s Bagels are not vegan or gluten-free. However, Einstein’s is great for vegetarians. All of their reduced-fat schmears are vegetarian, making it easy to use your transfers there. Other vegetarian options on the menu include the spinach, mushroom, Swiss and egg sandwich, or the broccoli cheese soup. The only vegan option at Einstein’s is the fruit cup. If you’re bummed about your breakfast options, don’t panic yet — Starbucks has vegan bagel options. Because it is doubtful life as an undergraduate will allow time for brewing your own coffee, it’s important to note that many lattes can be vegan if you substitute the milk for soy milk, including the hazelnut, cinnamon dolce (without the cinnamon topping), vanilla or peppermint— to name a few. Mocha is also vegan-friendly.

Lunch at the Hot Spot is made simple by Wild Mushroom, a vegetarian serving station, with options including eggplant parmesan and caramelized root vegetables on Monday, or rigatoni pasta on Wednesday — just to name a few. The Flying Star Diner has a veggie burger as a lunch option — make it vegan or gluten-free by asking them to hold the bun and they’ll be happy to do so. Gluten-free options also include vegetarian lentil and spinach soup and American bounty vegetable soup — both of which have plenty of necessary nutrients.

On south campus, the Peaks Grill offers a veggie burger as a transfer special. The Flagstaff melt sandwich doesn’t have meat on it either, making it a viable vegetarian candidate. Taqueria Chiquita at the du Bois Center (DuB) also has a vegetarian burrito transfer option that can be made vegan by requesting it without cheese or sour cream.

Don’t be afraid to special order something so that it accommodates your needs. After all, NAU is your school and you pay to be here. Finding meals to suit your body around campus is simple if you know where to look. Certainly, students should never have to sacrifice nutrition in order to eat a balanced diet.



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