Blog: Professor Michael Vasquez to lead trip to Italy

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Angel Cerritos


The prospect of a new country, a new culture, different foods, and where people are so completely different one can’t help but have one’s mouth agape, is scary – or enticing. Michael Vasquez is an anthropology professor at NAU, and he is the kind of person whose interest is caught; he is enticed.

Vasquez studies and teaches culture for a living. He has, as many who come to the Center for International Education to study abroad notice, a smile. It is a big grin with teeth showing, accompanied by star-struck eyes that look distant; not melancholic, rather it seems as though those eyes are looking at the buildings in Siena, Italy, not the posters of student workers hanging on the wall.

“It was a wonderful experience for me. Going to Italy when I was in high school really changed my life,” says Vasquez.

Michael Vasquez will be leading a trip to earn anthropology credits in the summer where classes will consist of things such as the anthropology of food or the culture of contemporary Italy.

Vasquez believes this is an opportunity for students to try something new and different. And, for students who have knowledge of “minimal” Italian, there is an opportunity to intern at the Grapevine, an online magazine which focuses on art, social justice and sustainability.



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