Sea Wolf showcases latest album at the Green Room

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Despite the rainy weather, the Green Room held a nice crowd on Jan. 26 for Sea Wolf’s first performance in Flagstaff. While Sea Wolf is known for their soft percussion, strings and acoustic guitar, vocalist and lead guitarist Alex Brown Church gave the audience something to dance about with an up-tempo set list: a nice mix of old crowd favorites and top singles from their latest album, Old World Romance.

Sea Wolf had their concert in the Green Room, Jan 26. (photo by Jing Wang)

The opening act for Sea Wolf, The Donnies The Amys, was a worthwhile performance in itself, a wonderfully mellow and warm invitation from the dreary weather outside. Hearing an opening act actually worth seeing was a nice change of pace from typical sleepy openers.

Donnie Stemp — keyboardist of The Donnies The Amys — had plenty to say about their exposure from touring with Sea Wolf.

“It’s been really fun,” Stemp said. “All the guys in Sea Wolf are incredibly nice and really supportive of music and other bands. This has been a new experience. We have only played around L.A., so going on tour with them is the first time that we’ve gone out [of Los Angeles] and . . . [played] for a bunch of people who don’t know us.”

The Donnies The Amys was the perfect warm-up to Alex Brown Church and his touring band members, who started off with their signature track, “You’re A Wolf.” Sea Wolf had a demanding performance with heavy tracks from Old World Romance dominated by their drummer. It was interesting to see Old World Romance translated from a studio recording to a live performance, especially considering several of the tracks were controlled by an electronic drum machine. Fortunately, it worked to the band’s benefit, giving diversity and continuity through the concert.

Sea Wolf made a good impression on fans both new and old. Ariel Garza, a senior psychology major, went out on a limb when she first heard of the band.

Alex Church, vocalist of Sea Wolf performs in the Green Room, Jan 26. (photo by Jing Wang)

Alex Church, vocalist of Sea Wolf performs in the Green Room, Jan 26. (photo by Jing Wang)

“I found [Sea Wolf] one time when I was watching a television show and . . . I just got into them from there. Just seeing them live is really cool. Seeing a band you always listen to and then seeing them live is really awesome,” Garza said.

While many in attendance were long time fans of Sea Wolf’s work, many took a chance.

Sam Smith, a senior hotel and restaurant management major,  found the performance to be a good experience despite his lack of prior knowledge of the band.

“I thought [the performance] was great. I heard about it via Facebook and I knew maybe one of their songs; I listened to a few of them after I heard about the show. I got nine people to come with me tonight, so we all enjoyed it,” Smith said.

Eliot Lorango of Sea Wolf plays bass in the Green Room, Jan 26. (photo by Jing Wang)

Eliot Lorango of Sea Wolf plays bass in the Green Room, Jan 26. (photo by Jing Wang)

Although the weather was less than pleasant, Sea Wolf’s performance at the Green Room was a crowd-pleaser. This show was a deviation from the Green Room’s typical electronic dance music events, transforming it from a bar room dance floor to a multi-genre venue to rival the Orpheum.

The Green Room has scheduled another Los Angeles duo, El Ten Eleven will perform Jan. 31. Tickets are $5 and are available online, at Kickstand Kafe, Blackhound Gallerie and the Green Room.





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