Blog: Be wary of theft while leaving for winter break

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The holidays are the most beautiful time of the year. People get a chance to celebrate and see family they haven’t been able to see in a long while. In Flagstaff we truly get a white Christmas and the snow blankets our streets and our homes. Everyone floods these streets bustling to get the best gift and to get to their relatives. Students at Northern Arizona University leave their residence halls to home cooked meals, neighborhood decorations, and holiday music playing around every corner. They leave their belongings behind in the residence halls as they experience a short taste of vacation over winter break. As all the students are leaving, the campus becomes filled with cars occupied by proud parents picking them up for the holiday celebrations. The campus soon becomes chaotic and all you see is students and parents literally running. They have sleeping bags and pillows wrapped around one arm and the other is bag fully of festive and colorful wrapping paper. When this is all happening it’s easy to forget things and for items to go missing. Students may leave their doors open to their rooms as they move some of their stuff into cars or may forget to shut their doors as they leave. Residence assistants will go through the residence halls as everyone is gone and make sure the doors are shut and secure, but things can easily be stolen while everyone is in the process of leaving their college homes. It would be terrible to come back from the holidays to find treasured items missing. Students should play it safe and to shut and lock their doors every time. Even if they go down to their car and come right back, they should still shut and lock it because things can get stolen in a matter of seconds. Lastly students may also set stuff down by the side of their cars while they get more stuff. This can also be a potential way for stuff to get stolen. Make sure there is someone attending the belongings at all times. All the people running around create a smokescreen for thieves. It is hard to know who belongs in that area because there are so many family members and friends that do not attend NAU trying to get their loved ones home. Be safe for the holidays and enjoy all the magic that surrounds us with the people we love and the happiness we seek.



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