Junior and senior recitals: A stressful time

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While most of us are feeling the end of semester stress, whether that is studying for that final looming in early May or scrambling to finish what seem to be countless projects, there are some who are stressed for a different reason — they have a recital.

Music students of both the instrumental and vocal variety are required to partake in recitals. Music education majors are required to do a junior recital and music performance majors are required to do both a junior and a senior recital. These consist of solo works for voice or the student’s particular instrument. The pieces are supposed to be a showcase of what the students are capable of musically.

Many of these occur in Ashurst Auditorium but some do take place in Ardrey Auditorium as well. The individual students will work with members of faculty that give private lessons on the student’s particular instrument.

While these recitals serve an academic purpose, they do allow for music students to show what they are capable of and friends, family and instructors are encouraged and welcome to attend.



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