Blog: The Backpack helps inform parents of what’s happening at NAU

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The Backpack, one of NAU’s best kept secrets, is an electronic newsletter that is free to all students and parents. This backpack is not withheld intentionally; in fact, all students who go to orientation are told about it. I went to orientation freshman year, however, and the first time I remember hearing about The Backpack was when I met with Dean of Students Rick Brandel two weeks ago.


(Image courtesy of NAU Student Life)

The coordinator at Student Life works with Deborah Harris, associate dean of students, to organize all information that goes into The Backpack. The information is sent from all over campus. The Health and Learning Center may submit something about healthy eating, and campus dining might submit their upcoming menu. Anyone affiliated with NAU can go to the Student Life webpage and subscribe to the free newsletter.

This is a great resource for students who do not read fliers or do not have time to go to information sessions. The Backpack lists all upcoming events, such as concerts, After Hours, and Prochnow movies. The Backpack also has the calendar for the academic year in it.

On the Student Life, Parent and Family Services webpage, anyone can read previous issues of The Backpack. I opened an issue from last April, and it shows important dates, the weather, has an article about a film screening (along with the film’s trailer), and has other articles about various things ranging from National Alcohol Screening Day to honors week and Peer Jack mentoring.

Students and parents can use The Backpack to hear about upcoming events, and also read about past events. There is a photo album with some of the issues, and this is a great resource, especially for freshmen and students who are considering enrolling at NAU. The photo album gives students a visual aid as to some of the programs we have at NAU. One photo album I viewed had pictures of Casino Night, the 5k run, and parent reception. Students who are considering NAU can also get on the Student Life webpage and get a better idea about what NAU has to offer.



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