Blog: NAU on-campus housing re-application has gone through changes

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The NAU on-campus housing re-application has changed a lot over the years.  I first came to NAU as a sophomore transfer student for the 2011-2012 school year.  I transferred from Mesa Community College after spending one year there.  I felt ready to move out of my parents’ house and take that next step by going to a university and living in a dorm.  I was accepted into NAU and everything was going just fine, but then there was a snag with housing.

This was before the Hilltop Suites and Townhomes were built, so Residence Life was without that housing to put students in.  And, since I was a transfer student, I had to wait until after the incoming freshmen to get my housing assignment.  My parents and I were told that it would be unlikely there would be room for me on campus, and to look for off campus housing.  We went as far as putting down a deposit on an apartment off campus, once we found one we liked.  However, Residence Life contacted us and told us there was a space available for me in Wilson Hall if I wanted it.  Since my parents would rather I lived on campus than off campus, we accepted the room in Wilson Hall.

So there I was, a sophomore student living in a freshman hall.  My roommate lived with me for about two weeks before deciding to move out to live with her friend.  After that, I had the room to myself for a little over a month, and then I was given a new roommate who stayed the rest of the school year.  The next time housing came around for the 2012-2013 school year, I was able to choose where I lived and moved into Campus Heights Apartments for this school year.

Based off my experiences with Residence Life and housing, I would say that adding the housing portal and providing more housing on campus have definitely improved how things are run.  Just two years ago, they weren’t sure if they had enough room to house all the students, and now for the 2013-2014 school year they expect to be able to house all the students who want on-campus housing.  Residence Life has made progress in the past two years, but they must continue improving and changing to meet the needs of the students.  Improving the housing portal online and giving students more housing options is a good way to keep changing and improving.



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