Blog: Bob Lomadafkie to discuss the 1680 revolution in the Southwest

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The Traditional Knowledge Scholars’ Lecture Series continues this Wednesday, March 27 when Bob Lomadafkie discusses the 1680 revolution in the Southwest. Lomadafkie is a Hopi elder and one of the lecturers in the Traditional Knowledge Lecture series.

The context of this lecture is the unity of Southwest pueblos for expulsion of the Spanish crown, which was the uprising of the Pueblo Indians against the Spanish settlers in Santa Fe, N.M.

According to the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences site, Lomadafkie is a public speaker, teacher, jeweler, and designer. He has worked with Northern Arizona University since 2006 and has been giving lectures on a weekly basis.

The lecture will go from noon to 1 p.m. and will be held in the Gathering Room of the Native American Cultural Center.



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