A guide to Flagstaff music venues

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Regardless of tastes, music is a universal element constantly affecting and molding us as human beings. This is something, as a community, we can all connect over. Being such a relevant and continuous aspect of society, music venues have and will continue to be in demand, as long as people still want to kick out the jams. The city of Flagstaff is home to a wide variety of venues certain to have you rocking and rolling into tomorrow.Orpheum:

The Orpheum

The Orpheum, located smack-dab downtown, provides shows with artists of varying styles and quality performance. It’s one of the few venues that labels themselves strictly as such and continue to manage a slew of different events such as Adult Prom, or other entertainers like comedy nights and drag shows.

IMG_3746The Hive

A venue showcasing local art and music. Located just south of the tracks by Historic Downtown Flagstaff, The Hive emphasizes the support of any and all artists trying to turn some heads.

Flag Brew

With great locally crafted brews and an ambiance of equally hearty quality, Flag Brew is a prime location for a beer with friends. Simply put, hosting a wide variety of musical performances from both local and touring bands is just icing on what is already a pretty awesome cake.

Monte Vista Cocktail Lounge

The Monte Vista is one of the oldest hotels in historic downtown Flagstaff, and a monument to the retro world we’ve long since passed. The shows held in the cocktail lounge of the hotel are often softer than something you may find in the more DIY venues of Flagstaff. All shows are 21 and over, as they are located directly within the bar area.

Firecreek Coffee Company

Recently opened, “Firecreek Café” hit the ground running with sparks flying, as they started selling locally brewed beers and other beverages as an addition to the café. Featuring Flagstaff artists, poets, open mic nights and local bands, Firecreek is making a lasting impression.

The Green Room

This bad boy is a venue for all entertainment purposes. Hosting a large variety of events ranging from electronic music/artists, to touring and local rock bands, The Green Room aims to please all. Wielding a palette of events like Comedy and Karaoke nights, as well as bar specials and contests, you can find something that tickles your fancy here.

Mia’s Lounge

This bar, just south of the railroad tracks by downtown, holds a great variety of bands and performances. With an outdoor smoking bar and an indoor pool lounge, Mia’s is a well-rounded bar providing a well-rounded experience.

Pepsi Amphitheater

Right off of the 17 south, leaving Flagstaff, Pepsi Amphitheater is a venue hosting more major events like music festivals and U.S. touring bands. If you’re someone who likes to go big before they go home, this Amphitheater is right up your alley.

Cultured Frozen Yogurt

It is one thing Frozen Yogurt is delicious alone, but Cultured goes a step further in their approach to an incredibly laid back atmosphere, and music performances. You are given an experience at Cultured other Frozen Yogurt shops around the campus area do not provide.

The Museum Club

Located on historic route 66, The Museum Club is a venue targeted towards older audiences. All shows are 21 and over unless notified otherwise, so the shows can often be a little more laid back. Regardless of limitations, The Museum Club gives a clean-cut, quality experience for any shows and events they host.

Whether you’re out on a rock and roll weekend or just to hear the blues, Flagstaff has the music and venues to suit all your tastes and musical needs.



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