Quick Flick: Dead Man Down

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Rating: 2/5

Riddled with gang violence and revenge ploys, Dead Man Down doesn’t stand out in the field of crime dramas or as a general action/thriller film.

Victor (Colin Farrell) infiltrates the gang run by Alphonse (Terrence Howard) after the gang ordered the killing of his family. Changing his name to Victor, he becomes the bosses right hand man. After witnessing Victor killing a man in his apartment, neighbor Beatrice (Noomi Rapace) solicits him to kill the man who hit her in a car accident leaving scars on her face. Through the events of Victor accomplishing both revenge plots, Victor and Beatrice end up growing close and falling in love.

Despite the interesting concept, the story is extremely weak. The characters are one-sided, with some awkward interactions without a purpose between them. The lack of character development is a gaping hole in this otherwise average story. Darcy (Dominic Cooper) is a friend of Victor’s who is the most interesting character because of his wide range of emotion. Unfortunately, the friendship between the two is rather one-sided because of the lack of emotional connection on the part of Farrell. Victor treats Darcy as an annoyance rather than a close friend whom he is about to betray.

While trying to fit in both revenge plots and the forced relationship between Victor and Beatrice, the movie bit off more than it could chew for one story. With all of these elements combined, the film seemed to rush through them just to bring a conclusion, which was a rather hasty one at that. The action sequences were only so-so, with some flashy, albeit choppy shoot-out scenes.

Overall this film could have been a lot more. The plot taken at face value could have been salvaged into a stronger story. Instead, it is a movie that chokes on a bite too big to swallow.





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