Quick Flick: Movie 43

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Rating 0.5/5

It’s an unwritten rule that any movie with the word “Movie” in its title is going to be full of bad decisions. While others can possibly fall within the range of mildly funny to guilty pleasure, this is not the case with Movie 43. This film falls way below the guilty pleasure threshold with udder stupidity and disgusting toilet humor.

This film is really a collection of skits loosely tied together with a very weak plot about a very desperate — some would say deranged — screenwriter whose proposed movie is where all of these bizarre scenes come from. This is really all that can be said about the so-called plot without the censors having to come out.

The film is obviously supposed to be a comedy, but it is pretty clear the people behind this film are under the school of thought that being as gross or as offensive as possible is a good way to make a humorous movie. A comedy film — especially one with as many writers and directors as this film—has to be smart with its jokes, not just full of juvenile trash.

The cast is surprising, filled to the brim with normally very talented actors such as Hugh Jackman, Kate Winslet, Richard Gere and Halle Berry. It is baffling to think all of these actors, who are otherwise very talented people, somehow got sucked into being a part of this awful piece of work. Most, if not all, of the actors were clearly very uncomfortable with what they had to do in this movie and their talent was squandered by awful direction and poor writing. The actors must have owed something to the people behind this film; that has to be it.

Despite it only being February, Movie 43 could possibly become the worst film in all of 2013.



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