Hastings set to close in March

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Multimedia retailer Hastings Entertainment will be closing its doors on March 16.

According to a private press release from company officials, the Flagstaff location is closing due to the lease ending and a favorable negotiation was not reached. The store is currently conducting a going-out-of-business sale through March 15.

Some students are sad to see Hastings close its doors. Johnny Martinez, a senior anthropology student, was a fairly regular customer, renting movies and purchasing other items. He also found Hastings to be a nice place to just look around.

“I usually went there anywhere from like one time a week to maybe four or five times a month,” Martinez said. “Hastings always had them right away, so that’s usually where I went to rent my movies. Sometimes I’d go out there, get some clothes. It was just nice — I mean, [even] if you didn’t have any money — it was nice just to look around; they didn’t just have movies.

A former Hastings employee, Alyssa Burkett, feels the closing can be attributed to market trends and competing businesses.

“I feel like the movie rental business in general is going downhill,” Burkett said. “There are other bookstores in town that people prefer, like Bookmans and Barnes & Noble. Hastings wasn’t one that you go to immediately, even though they did have really cheap prices and decent options.”

According to Burkett, the store’s closing was not a surprise.

“It’s been a rumor for a long time because of Sprouts moving in,” Burkett said. “And not to mention they’ve been losing business as long as I can remember; they were on a pay freeze when I was working there.”

Despite these facts, many are disappointed to see Hastings will be on its way out of Flagstaff.

“I can understand why they’re closing and everything like that — it’s not like they were getting a lot of business — but I think they were doing pretty okay,” Martinez said. “I’m extremely sad to see it go; I kind of feel bad. I had a friend [who] works there. He’s out of a job now and has to find one by March. It was always nice. In a way, it was somewhere close that had a lot of stuff. I’m pretty disappointed — I was hoping they were just going to move its location, still would have sucked because it would be farther, but at least it wouldn’t have been gone.”

After the Flagstaff location is closed, the nearest locations will be in Kingman, Ariz. and Bullhead City, Ariz.



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