Stroller Strides provides family-oriented exercises

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As many new mothers around the country can attest, losing “the baby weight” can be a daunting task. Fortunately, new moms in the Flagstaff community have the opportunity to partake in Stroller Strides, a complete fitness program designed for mothers to work out alongside their infants.

Beth Sabol, franchise owner of Stroller Strides Flagstaff and a geology instructor, said the classes strive to help new mothers better their fitness in a fun and positive environment.

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Stroller Stride meets at the NAU Walkup Sky Dome for a work out. The Lumberjack / Lisa Simpson

“Stroller Strides Flagstaff’s mission is to provide a supportive setting for moms and caregivers to get into or back into shape, improve their fitness and overall health — all while entertaining and educating our kids and helping our community,” Sabol said. “‘Fitness for mom, fun for baby’ is the easiest way to describe it.”

Stroller Strides classes last one hour and include power walking and body toning, utilizing the stroller as a piece of exercise equipment.

Lisa Skinner, webmaster and traffic coordinator of KNAU, has been involved with Stroller Strides and said she sees it as a positive way to become healthier with her family.

“Both classes are fabulous ways to get outside and work out with your family without having to bring the kids to day care,” Skinner said. “Stroller Strides brings moms together to exercise and stay healthy, and it also acts as a support group. You can go, work out, feel good and get answers to all of your questions about raising kids.”

Stroller Strides has provided assistance to nonprofit organizations by helping with events such as Run to 2012, an event that fundraises for Team USA Arizona, a non-profit that helps distance runners who live and train in Flagstaff get to the Olympics.

Stephanie Ludwig, executive director of Girls on the Run of Coconino County, said Stroller Strides has been a great supporter of her organization, because they share similar goals.

“Last winter, Stroller Strides was preparing to host the first Lunafest in our community and invited Girls on the Run to participate in the planning of the event and be the local recipient of funds raised,” Ludwig said. “We were thrilled to partner with Stroller Strides on Lunafest because their purpose is to support moms wanting to maintain physically active lives with their babies.”

Stroller Strides classes take place weekday mornings at 9:15 in the Walkup Skydome, and local community members — including mothers at NAU — are welcome to join.

“There are a lot of NAU alums that come to Stroller Strides and a few moms that work at NAU,” Sabol said. “We would love to have more staff, faculty and students.”

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